Regarding compatibility of nec 6750a drive



since there is not that much difference between the 6500-6750 drives i should think compatibility is similiar.

any way here is the list of machines this drive will work with out of the box.

other computers it will work with BUT you will need to tweak it via soldering or normal or revserse ATA switching ala liggys site: in others words you may get ide bootup errors or inability to bootup with cd in drive

Compatible Laptop models out of the box:

* Dell Inspiron 700m Notebook (Must remove housing),
* 1000, 1200, 2200, 5000e, 5100, 6000, 8200, 8600,
* 9200, 9300, C840, XPS Gen 2, Optiplex GX270.
* Compaq 1710, 2305.
* HP 5000z, zd7000.
* Sony FRV37.
* Averatec 6130H1 and others.


I just put a NEC 6750A in my ZD7255ea… started up a treat and recognised straight away… except only the reading part works at the moment. :a None of my DVD/CD burning programs recognise that a burner exists :frowning:

The fascia doesnt fit either… (but I’m not to fussed about that)


use the nero info tool and post a picture of exactly how your computer recognises this drive and how it is setup


Just like to add that the NEC 6750A works in a Compaq EVO N620 with no modification. Should work with others in the EVO range…

  • Dell Inspiron 700m Notebook (Must remove housing),

I have inspiron 700m. How can I remove the housing ?