Regarding Audio Editing and Normalization

I enjoy creating MP3 (CD) discs from my existing audio collection. I use Roxio EMC7 to rip my CD’s and I always convert them to VBR, maximum (320) bit rate.

I use Roxio’s sound editor to cut off dead time at each end of a tune and, again, save the edited MP3 file at VBR. maximum bit rate. However, even though I am using the same program suite, the bit rate does not always match the bit rate reached when the song was ripped. Hence, the file size changes.

After I compile the play list I want to burn to the CD, I want to normalize it. This presents another, yet similar problem. Every normalizer I have tried seems to change the bit rate and hence the file size.

Is there an editing program I can use that will not change the bit rate of the MP3 file I am working on and, likewise, is there a good normalizer software out there which also will not change the bit rates of the MP3 files?

I have used Super MP3 Normalizer for example, that increases the size of the files. Then, when I try to burn my project, I find it is too large to fit on the CD and I have to sacrifice several tunes to get it to fit.

I used to use MP3BR Normalizer and it worked great. Maintained the bit rates and file sizes after normalizing but they appear to be out of business and I have lost the software due to a failed hard drive.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



MP3Gain doesn’t re-encode to normalize. It’s free and I’ve used it a bunch. You might also consider CDEx to rip with, it can normalize on the fly. And if you need to trim the songs MP3DirectCut can do that without re-encoding.

Thanks for the information. MP3 Gain seems to do the trick.

However, I have encountered a new twist. For some reason my MP3 discs will no longer play in my home Bose unit yet will play in anything else I stick them in.

This only just started with my newest creations. I don’t believe it is a media problem as I am using the same Verbatim discs and it is not a capacity issue either as I have removed a few files as a test and burned discs leaving more free space than other working MP3 discs I have made previously.

All are ripped and burned with the same Roxio EMC7 program.

Thanks so much for the help.


Check the ID3 tag version that you are using - some players don’t like v2.4.