Regarding amd 64, ide drivers?

i`ve a socket 754 amd 3400 w/ msi k8n neo platinum and 1.5gig of ram

i`ve msi chipset drivers installed which are latest on their website

so my ide and sata drivers are that of msi not the windows one

i would like to know about you intel users , if u got intel ide drivers or windows default ?

i tried to roll back on windows default ide but as i have too may hdd as follows

200GB wdc & my sony dru 800-a on ide channel 1
200X2 on my ide channel 2
300X2 sata , 160X1 sata and 1X74 raptor

so the prob was basically , if i burn w/ some apps open or while im downloading torrents or newsgroups on the same drive im burning from , the disc currupts ! while i know people who do this often (its their daily routine)

i would like to know what should i do to solve this prob

i havent burned w/ windows ide drivers but when i tried to roll back , the access to all of my ide drivers was very shitty (v slow etc/data copyin etc)

i`ve heard that there are nvidia universal drivers for nforce3 but i havent downloaded/install them yet

so if anyone is on nforce3 , i would like to know a word or 2 from them , what drivers they are using and if they are having many ide’s and burning+downloading from the same one

thanks in adv , appreciate it