Reg key?

Hello there…I was just checking to see if this is what everybodys REG KEY for Anydvd looks like…Mine says— ‘‘Registration of:C:/documents & settings/my documents/key.anydvd. OK! please start Anydvd’’—
Is this what I should have or should there be some sort of numbers…? When I downloaded it I was prompted to burn the key to a cd ,which I did and this is what is on the disc…would this be a ‘‘unlock key’’? :confused:
thanks for any thoughts on this…

You’re correct and just copy it to the desktop double click it and it is your registration to stop the trial use.

I think you can double click the key no matter where it is and it will reg the program

Thanks Dr. Who. but if my computer was to crash or anything like this, is this what I would use to reactivate my avydvd…


The keyfile is a Windows registry key. Made for easy entry.

Thanks to everyone :bow: … just kinda didn’t look right without any numbers… now I can blow up my computer and not have to worry about getting my ANYDVD back… :clap:

I’ve backed my key up three times. One on my computer, one on my website (password protected even) and another on my external hard drive (again password protected).

If you have any trouble with your product key or doesn’t install right you can always email to SS and ask for new key.

Mackslw -

When you purchased your License Key from SlySoft they sent you an E-Mail that explains in detail exactly what the License Key is, how to safeguard your License Key, and how to install your License Key.

If you have any deficiencies with the SlySoft License Key E-Mail correspondence or any difficulties or any questions concerning your SlySoft License Key you should contact SlySoft.


back it up to a floppy or cd-r

Great thanks to all of you for responces… I did print a copy of the e-mail of the reg key info when I installed ANYDVD and burned it to a cd…I think I should be fine knowing that Slysoft will handle any problem I should ever have…
Thanks again :clap:

Mackslw -

To avoid any confusion it is not the License Key E-Mail correspondence from SlySoft that is important to safeguard but it is Key.Anydvd File that important to keep and safeguard.

It is Key.Anydvd File from SlySoft that is used to register AnyDVD software program.


As BeLooken said - the email itself isn’t so important. If you want a hardcopy printout of the key for whatever reason, just open the “key.anydvd” file with notepad and print it out.

Yes BeLooken you are right. I do have the keyfile on cd and also the e-mail correspondence copied to paper also…What was confusing to me is when I put the cd of the key file in my computer it opened up and said what I posted in my 1st post above…It just seemed funny to me that there were no actual numbers like ID numbers… When I search’’ Key.Anydvd file’’ it brings up the same wording… :slight_smile:

thats because it’s a reg key, not a serial number, when installed it gives you your serial number in the information tab.

Sorry for not getting back in a couple of days… work ya know :sad: … thanks to all for answering my questions :clap: I now understand about the reg key and that I have it nice and safe…I’ll check back from time to time… :smiley: