Reg hack -bootup speed improvement

Hi guys you must try this hack in xp.

Warning - changing Registry setting is dangerous and might crash your system. Use the following suggestions on your own risk.

start “Regedit” (if u dont know how then u should’nt be doing this).

Follow this string :-
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> SessionManager

-> MemoryManagement -> PrefetchParameters.

Then look at the EnablePrefetcher string and change the value from 3 to 5. it doesn’t matter if you keep it Hexadecimal or Decimal.

Close registry and restart WindowsXP; it should load up between 5-15 seconds (or even

more) faster. If u get success spread the word and help others.

Let us all know how you go with your boot up speed mines gone from 30 secs to 8 secs.:bigsmile:

Got this from another forum and it works a treat…

After applying that hack my mouse stopped working.

After restoring the hack to its original value , all was well again. My mouse worked again.

Speed improvement : none.

What it really does is preload even more stuff as usual while you login. Gives very weird screen updates.

well mines working a treat now about 4 seconds to boot and mouse works fine.
only thing i have noticed is that it locked out my scandisk, but i only use that once a month before defrag .

I rarely turn on my PC cauze i rarely turn it off … so i guess this “hack” wont be of much help in my case :bigsmile:

For everybody else though, if this does work, it will be very helpful since from what i remember it does takes a long time for XP to boot up :wink:

I see no improvements at all, I even clocked it and ran that MS utility that checks your startup history and time and all that. Still 45 seconds for me, the thing that takes the most time is integration into my home network.


This worked for me.

So what if boot time is a little bit slow, I would be mad if me overall computer speed was slow.

With XP it depends on the processor speed and whats under the hood of the pc, so to speak. I have it running on a 1 gig Duron and it took about 30 seconds for it to get to the desktop. Now since I put sp1 on there it takes about almost a minute…

Well i,ve run this hack now for about 4weeks and all is still fine,
i,m fully booted @ 6-8 seconds :bigsmile:
And with service pack installed.