Reg File to reset DMA in XP

“Use at your own Risk”

The credit for this goes to jamie (burnatonce developer)

Have used this little reg file a couple of times when XP has dropped into PIO mode after lots of re-tries.
Just download , double click the file and voila! you can select once again"DMA mode if available"

Rename the file from .txt to .reg before double clicking

Interesting! BTW, having CloneDVD, AnyDVD and/or CloneCD 5 installed, should prevent Windows XP to drop to PIO mode. Installing one of those will of course not revert it back to DMA, once Windows has put it into PIO.

You`re right as usual Olli , Only needed to use after trying to rip with DVDDecrypter

Could also be useful after ripping/converting audio cds too fast. In that case winxp disables dma mode due to a certain amount of reading errors. I remember having such a problem using “audiograbber”.

Yes, but XP only disables DMA, if the read errors cause a timeout in the IDE driver multiple times.
This should never happen, if AnyDVD and/or CloneDVD are installed, as both AnyDVD.sys as well as ElbyDelay.sys (<- yeah, hence the name!) do prevent these timeouts to happen.
Adaptec ASPI does bypass AnyDVD.sys, so if you use sofware, which uses Adaptec ASPI… bad luck.
The old story… never use Adaptec ASPI on Windows2000/XP, unless you have to… (SCSI scanner, for example…) it is broken by design… never use ForceASPI.

If you use ElbyCDIO or SPTI I/O mode in DVDDecrypter and AnyDVD/CloneDVD are installed, this should not happen. I don’t know about Patin Couffin mode, but I assume, ElbyDelay.sys (CloneDVD) and ElbyCDFL.sys (CloneCD) will not catch it. AnyDVD.sys probably will.
Avoid ASPI, especially avoid Adaptec ASPI.

In the old days before there was AnyDVD Audiograbber was (and still is) a wonderful tool too rip any audio cd. The only problem is that it uses the aspis… Since there is AnyDVD nearly all the the cds I play on my machine are unprotected :bigsmile: Anyhow, sometimes it’s fine to convert audio cds into mp3 that’s what AG is basically meant for and something AnyDVD definitely cannot do. And there might be audio protections AnyDVD does not like. And if you choose an appropriate ripping method and ripping speed there are no timeouts with AG.

I found a site that shows another way of resetting your DMA when the PIO problem occurs that’s if this dose not work or if you’re afraid to play with your registry.

thanks for finding that site, but did you notice this thread is just about 2 years old :bigsmile:

This problem came up last night on my machine and I googled for a solution I found this thread first then that other.Oh well maybe this can help someone when they get this problem.

ok, sorry, i applogise :flower:

Personnally I prefer this thread.