Reg.benq Dvd-r/+rw Dw1655 Ls Dl 16x Bulk Negra

¿Is this writer best what a pioneer 106RD and Have capabality to write with firwmare at 1X or 2X in DVD-R and DVD+R?

Yes, this DVDRW drive (BenQ DW1655) is better than Pioneer 106. :wink:

No, this drive can’t write at 1 or 2x speed. 2.4x is the lowest possible speed but burning at least 4x might give you better results.
Remember this is a 16x burner. :slight_smile:

I am curious why you would want to write a DVD at 1x or 2x as in most cases burning below 1/2 the rated speed of the media gives very very bad burns.

I have write at low speeds to use Playstation 2 games and read good without jump in video/audio secuences

Maybe they want to burn old media, I have a friend who still has some 1x media.

You got in just before my last post. If you have to write at 2x it might be a media problem or you are currently using an 8x writer. What mesia are you using?

When I was using my NEC PS2 games would not burn properly at the rated speed of the disc, which was 8x so I had to burn at half that, 4x, to get them to burn successfully. I have never had to write at such a low speed of 1-2x. Now I have a 16x burner I burn at 8x, old habbits die hard, I must try one at a higher speed and see what happens.

I have a messiah 1.33b