Refurbishing QualityScore possible?

Say I have a DVD-R the reads perfectly fine on my computer, but had a Quality score of only 85. Maybe because my BenQ1640 doesn’t like this “-” medium.

Is it possible to make a copy of this disc with a good quality Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and end up with a better quality score?

You will have a better quality of what you extract from the disk.

I wouldn’t say a score of 85 is bad…

yes, just copy it with Nero, DVDDecrypter or whatever and burn it onto TY.

Thanks. Just to clarify, say I have recorded a movie on a poor quality disc and it skips on my standalone DVD player, but plays perfectly fine on my computer. The QualityScore was only 70, with lots of PIF failures.

Since the computer can read it fine (because of better error corrections), will I be able to re-copy this “defective” disc onto a good quality disc and fix the error so that my standalone DVD player will read it also.

In other words, if the error is due to poor media, but reads fine on a computer, is it “fixable” simply by re-copying onto a good media?

read it with DVDDecrypter to your HDD and burn it.

Yes, the errors you see in the scan are corrected by the error correcting code (in hardware), and your drive does it better than the player.

If the disc can be read (by DVD Decrypter, for example) without errors that stop the reading process, you will have a 100% perfect copy on your hard drive. Re-burn it on good media and sleep better :slight_smile: