Refurbished Epson R300 $99 free shipping

For those of you needing a printer for your CD / DVD’s

I purchased the 300 sometime ago for either $200 or $300 i forget now but awsome printer and prints awsome on the printables. awsome price now.

I clicked on “What;s in the Box” and it led to an error page. If you don’t get the ink with printer, it’s not so great a deal… when u get it, check for the ink!

hmmm, it doesn’t say if it comes with ink but if it does, good deal. Too bad I already have an R200, got it for free with a digital camera purchase and it prints picture/disc very nice. If you buy this for photo, I highly recommended it, but if you use it for txt, go with other printer, it needs improvement on TXT.

I saw an R300 with ink and cable (said special packaging due to the cable) at my local Costco for what I think was $129. I can verify the price tomorrow as I will be going there and will post back just in case anyone is interested. I have personally had some bad experiences with refurbished things, so for possibly $29 more you can have some piece of mind. Of course $29 is alot of money if you don’t have it, which I didn’t when I got the R200.

I also have an R200 and I think it does real well with pictures, but I love what it does on printable CDs/DVDs. No more Sharpie dude!

Anyway, I found a link to a forum where there was a multiple page thread that had comments about the longevity of the R200/300 etc printers. Some people commented about having had problems after they had printed about 200 disks. I’ll see if I can find that again (my PC crashed and I lost all my saved links) and post it here in case anyone is interested.

R200 Refurbished US$77.

Epson America sells a lot of refurbished products from printers to projectors.

Well, I couldn’t find that thread which had the user comments about the R200/300 etc.

I did go to my local Costco this morning and saw that the R300 (with ink and USB cable) selling for $109. It was $129, but until 7/31 there is a manufacturers instant rebate upon checkout.

The Brand NEW R200 Will be $47 today at CompUSA from 6 PM to 12 PM as part of their 6 hr sale, and of course after rebate. The only difference between R200 and R300 is that R300 has faster speed, and has memory slots. If you dont need memory slot and speed, then go for R200.

And also, Newegg has the R300 for $127, free shipping. On top of that, there is a $20 Newegg exclusive rebate, so it will bring down to $107 for a brand new R300 and not worry about the the “Refurbished”

Costco has the R300 for 99.00USD with no rebate. The one near had about 200 of them.

Hi again,

Found that thread on the R200/300 quality. Some good reading for those interested in these printers. Go here: