RefoSearch, spyware, adware and banner free KaZaA clone

I just posted the article RefoSearch, spyware, adware and banner free KaZaA clone. is reporting about software called RefoSearch. This software connects to the Fasttrack network (KaZaA, Morpheus and Grokster) and should be totally free from spyware, adware and…

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Fastcrap? Get WinMX and boost it with Trippy MX.

super groovy… a hacked morpheus with no ads…

kazaa is good for daining my 384MB of ram. i am currently downloading some divx. it’ll be done in 1/2 hour and i’ll install refsearch after.

does anyone know if this program resumes downloads after a crash? like if i’ve downloaded 699MB of a 700MB video and i have to reboot, will the file be there when windows starts back? this is the reason why i switched from morph to kaz. i’ve got a good computer but only win98se. i would get win2k or xp but my video card does support those oses. i would get a better video card but the card i have right now has the best TV out that i’ve ever seen. i would get a stand alone tvout card but i’m strapped for cash. i would slit my throat but a voice inside my head says “don’t do it you bastard.”