Reforming files from DVD

Hello all you peeps, i hope someone out here can help me :wink: Anyways i was using nero to burn my stuff, then i found converxtodvd, much better quality i find, plus u can change from NTCS from pal with it easily.

Now my question is how can i take my DVD Ripped DVD, take the files , put them onto my harddrive then reform the files into some kind of file other than ISO, so i can use convertx to make a better quality burn…

Not even sure if it can be done since i am a newbie but any input would be most valued. Thanks and may all your burns be good ones!!

Not sure I understand the question, but when you rip a dvd from the disk to the hard drive you can do so in several ways. One is to make an ISO, as you seem to have. Another is to rip in file mode, which will give you an empty Audio_TS folder and a Video_TS folder containing the .vob, ifo, and .bup files normally seen in dvd-video.

Vob files are a container format which hold the mpeg2 video found in dvds. When you rip, you do a 1:1 copy…it won’t get any better than this. Any conversion you do from this point will degrade the video slightly. Of course you often times have to compress to fit a single layer dvd (commercial dvds are dual layer).

What exactly are you doing with ConvertX? What format do you want as final output?

To do the actual ripping to the hard drive, I suggest DVDFab HD Decrypter, which is the free section of DVDFab. Be aware that as you use the free decryption/ripping part, you are using up the free 30 day trial of the main program. The free section will continue to work even after the 30 day trial is done.

Ok thanks Kerry for the heads up on a way to extract from my DVD , wasnt sure on all the ways of doing it, ive never before used a HD decryp but i will work on figuring it out.

As to what i was going to do with convertx, well i never really experimented with Nero that much but i did notice when i got convertx you were able to fool around easily with the cropping and such, which i liked. Alot of my Nero burns were coming out with those annoying deep black bars even before the widescreen bars if u get my meaning. If you dont get my meaning , one of the reasons i get those deep black bars is because my TV set is not a newer version im using a 15 year old Hitachi Tube.

Im not even sure if thats the reason why but some of my burns with nero were getting two sets of black bars, when i used convertx i was getting just one set of bars, which i liked. Seemed like you could see more?? who knows , Anyways i really appreciate the tips and its im glad to know there are some uber video specialists out there :wink: :bow: Thanks again!!

Oh PS kerry if you see this, what software in your opinion gives the best burn, well say visually wise?? or do you find any difference??

Ohh PPS just remembered about the ISO and the reason i mentioned it in the first place… i was trying to combined all the TS Video files and the rest of the files back into the original file from the DVD. Then i was going to take the original file and burn it onto disc using convertx… i used clonedvd to make the iso… hence the refrence to ISO files.

The actual burning part won’t affect the “black bars” you are talking about. This is usually built into the video in wide screen format films. If you don’t have a widescreen tv this can be a problem.

Not sure what part of Nero was screwing things up for you. Perhaps you were using Nero Recode or Nero Vision, and not just the burning rom?

My path for backing up films is to use only the main movie, decrypt and rip to the hard drive, examine the files to see how much compression is necessary to fit a dvdr, compress, then burn with ImgBurn. The tools I use in this process are AnyDVD, DVDShrink or DVDRebuilder, and ImgBurn of course. This works, but is certainly not the only method.

While you have the free trial of DVDFab working, you might want to use it and see if you like it. As an all in one package, many people prefer it.