Reformatting +RW Discs

I have a Philips DVDR725H. My son has a Sony GXD-500. Can anyone kindly advise if there is a method whereby I can re-format a +RW disc which has on it material which has been recorded on the Sony?


In all previous Philips models, you simply put the disk in the tray (don’t close the tray) and press record. The disc will be loaded and if the menu system isn’t compatible with the philips recorder it will tell you so on screen, then prompt you to eject the disk or erase and overwrite ready for use by the philips. If it is compatible, the menu will be shown on the Philips recorder and you can erase or record over titles as required.

Try that?



Thank you for this helpful information. It will be several days before I can try this out but I will report the outcome on this forum.

I’m afraid that this procedure did not work on the 725. The disc just sat on the open tray when record was pressed. As many of you will know, this machine records directly to HDD, recording to disc occurs only when a title is “archived” from hdd to disc. I did try archiving but it protested saying it could not archive to a non-recordable disc.

Thank you anyway, happy to try any other suggestions.


This may go the same way as Loob’s suggestion, but:

…another standard Philips way is to use the <CLEAR> button on the remote handset (if there is one), in the same way as Loob described. You actually have to hold the button down all the time until the disc is taken into the machine.

According to Jethro (one-time contributor to, now on DS), the remote handset button you need is the number “4”…

Thanks for these suggestions.

Unfortunately, there is no button marked “Clear” on the remote control. I shall try the “4” button and report back. However, I have found a workaround of sorts.

What I did was put the Sony-recorded +RW disc into a computer and carried out a quick format using Nero, it takes around 1 minute. I then put the disc into the DVDR725H which then gave me two options, one of which was to erase the disc by hitting the record button on the remote control. This procedure was completed in around 1 minute and allows the Philips to record to the disc. Not very convenient if you happen not to have a computer with Nero handy but better than nothing.

I’ll report back on Jethro’s “4” suggestion.

Further to Jethro’s suggestions, I’m afraid it does not work, the tray simply remains open.

Thanks to him and others who tried to assist anyway.