Reformatting existing HD to replace dead HD in a Win ME system



The primary HD of my audio studio’s old Win Me Dell Dimension 4100 finally died. All the important stuff is backed up; Rather than start an endless list of software and driver upgrades, I want to just restore the WinME setup on that machine the way it was more or less. Right now it has the slave drive still functioning, and two CD burners. I still have WinME install discs. I have a 250-gig Seagate IDE HD (around 3 years old) that is at the moment a slave drive in a different Dell machine (running XP); I have backed up whatever I need from that drive and I plan to install this drive “as-is” on the 4100 as a new primary HD; Will re-formatting it on the WinME machine require me to partition it a certain way in order to use full capacity? I would rather do it as FAT32 which is how the old dead HD was.
Also, I have a back-up on an external USB drive of the entire C-drive of this now-dead HD from a few months ago ( I did not use “ghost” or anything like that, I just made a copy manually); At what point can I use this to restore the entire old Windows configuration? (I’m thinking this would save me having to re-install WInME and then each app one-at-a-time)-?


When installing windows ME just do a quick format of the drive to be used.

For the old files stored, you won’t be able to just copy programs or the OS to the new HDD, but regular files you can transfer back over. If you want to make a perfect back up that can be restored in the future use software thats meant to make a perfect backup, there are free options out there.


Seagate DiscWizard is a free download and works well. I have no experience with WinMe, but Win98 requires FAT32 and won’t recognize NTFS, and it doesn’t use full capacity of drives greater than 137GB . I don’t know if WinMe has these same limitations, but maybe a WinMe user might help with that info…


Thank you all, I’m thinking that if I must re-install everything from scratch anyway, I should bite the bullet and upgrade to a modern OS, that way I can use the full 250 G. Oh well.