Reformated laptop no longer sees blank CDs

hello everyone

i am here posting a problem that i havent been able to so far find an issue to on the net, so i am hoping that someone here can help me

i own a gateway mx7515 laptop. I have had it for about a year or two. Since then it has been reformate a number of times. I believe however that it was the first time that i reformated it that messed up the ability to burn cds. it had came all set up with nero and what not…but my issue is that my cd/dvd drive does not see my blank cds. i went to , and followed what it said down to the letter, but it didnt do anything. i did discover one thing during the process, my computer seems to be under the impression that i have 3 cd drives. also, im not sure whether it happened after i followed the instructions from MS or if it was there before, but in the “my computer” folder, there are currently 2 icons for the cd drive. also, neither of the icons say anything about reading cds. i just popped in a cd thinking it would be able to run it, but now its not even doing that! i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive…that didnt do much. i just tried to run a cd and it made a grinding noise (that might have been the cd though…even though it is in relatively good condition)

any and all help would be greatly appreciated