Reformat then use acronis?

I do alot of beta testing on various software and I was wondering can I reformat before useing my image to restore the drive? This image of course is on a DVD a little under 4 gigs. Also as the title says I have the latest acronis true image 9.

Good question! I just did a re-install this weekend. Then, I went to NewEgg and Dl’ed the 29 dollar Acronis 9, and then performed a full image backup. In the old days, I would have used Ghost (In DOS) and I could format-then load the image. Presto! New system in minutes.

I think you can do the same with Acronis if you make a boot disc. However, I am chicken to try, because my 5.8GB image only took ~2 minutes to create! Making an image with Ghost, back in the Win98 days…took forever. I did not use any compression though, but still, 2 minutes is awful fast.

I did mount the image with the program, it assigned it a drive letter to do so. I looked at it and everything is there, (file structure) and it reports the same size as my present C drive. Then I also ran a verify image and it said everything was just peachy. But I am not sure if it has all the hidden stuff and is truly an bootable backup. :eek:

I am very interested to hear if someone has used this software and done as you ask with success.

If we don’t get a response by this weekend, I’ll give it a try and report back. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was waiting on geno??? I figured he would know but haven’t seen him this week yet. I was thinking just reinstalling the image wouldn’t erase everything if there was an issue. If it wasn’t for windows activation I would give it a shot myself to just like you I’m chicken to try it as I hate calling MS.

Hmmm this is an interesting thread! Looks like you have to make sure you tick “Disc1” or you will not capture the MBR!! I need to double check this, as I may have just ticked my “C” drive. :eek: :eek: :eek:

In addition, further down the thread, someone mentions a problem with restoring an older image that has incorrect drivers, saying it takes forever. The solution suggested is a BartPE disc. I think a BartPE boot disc would be cool to make, though the poster says it is a pain in the ass. It’s a plugin for True Image though and it might be worht the efffort. As it would be great if you upgraded a video card etc, then you could still use a very old image, as the BartsPE grabs the correct drivers from the net! That way you can get a fresh system, no matter what. :cool:

I have no new devices in this case all is the same nothing is external either, So I think I maybe ok on this will wait and see what everyone thinks. As far as that thread goes if the MBR is messed up just use the original XP I would guess would fix that wouldn’t it? This saying that it would happen to me. BartPE does sound like fun too.

Yes, In fact, look at post #6. The picture tells a lot. Then read #15. It appears you can select even MBR for backup in True Image and restore with it. Not needing your XP disc. :cool:

My PC is not so simple like that picture. So I might easily have missed something. I have 4 HDD with 2 of them having separate partitions. So I have a total of 6 HDD letters. There was so much crap to choose from, I could have messed up.

I already have the image on a DVD I did a clone the HDD image one.

Let me clarify on this too the image just only has widows xp pro with all the updates and MS office 2003 pro with the updates. Then I imaged the HDD for future needs. The reformat is to insure no leftover software remains meaning a very clean install.

I’ve been playing wih the software now for a bit. :slight_smile: I made a new backup, in my case it is disc 3. I stored the backup on a different drive of course.

I made a CD recovery disc to boot-up with, so I could load the backup after a format of the #3 drive, for a completly clean install of the stored image. Like you, I want no registry crap or anything at all, I just want my pristine setup I had right after a new install. So now I know I could re-format and re-load. But, I still wont try till this weekend.

Then I found something, that I think is really cool. Under the Pick a Tool catagory, on the main Acronis Home Screen at the bottom. I ran the Activate Acronis Startup Recovery Manager. It creates a “Secure Zone” of a size of your choice (it needs at least 32megs on my system) I gave it 5 GB :stuck_out_tongue: . Now, I can recover from the file I made, prior to booting into Windows. During post, you are prompted to press f11, then you are booted into an Acronis envirnonment, that provides an interface identical to the program screen you normally see, including mouse functionality. With it, you can search, pick and load an image or even choose to let Windows boot normally.

If you don’t hit f11, within about 5 seconds, it boots up into Windows. I like this a lot!

Saturday, I will try both methods I think.

I was told by a freind that this would work but going to wait a few to see what others say as I don’t want to call MS to activate either program yet again…LOL Let me know how this turns out or if some has done this please post too. I am shock @ you crabby as I see you the DVD Hardware guru…LOL Have a good one.

This is a dell and I redid it with xp pro so I still have the F11 option and such too maybe I can make a secure zone for the image currently?

If I understand correctly your question, if you already have an acronis image of your fresh installed system, when you do a restore it’s not necessary to do a HDD format, because restoring the image anything on the HDD is deleted and overwritten with the content of the Acronis image file.

You can do the restore both from windows or doing a boot from the acronis recovery disc, because when you do a restore of the system HDD acronis require anyway a reset.

Ahhhh the Italian Stallion! So, we can restore and the prior installation is erased?

Hardly, :o I represent the Joe Sixpack of computers. This is my job to test if things are fool proof. :bigsmile:

Yes, the entire content of the partition is overwritten. The remaining is erased.

For example, the fresh installation contain 2 GB of data, and after you messed up with the system installing and uninstalling softwares you have, for example, 3 GB of data on the HDD.

When you restore the fresh image, you will have again 2 GB of data, and the remaining of the HDD content will be deleted.

So all the old traces in the registery is gone like a format would do? Glad you popped in. geno888

Yes, anything is deleted :iagree:

Thanks I’ve been awaiting your arrival here as you assisted me before on acronis. :smiley:

You da man Geno! :bow: :bigsmile:

:o you’re welcome :slight_smile:

Geno888 can I use nero express and burn the image to DVD? I haven’t done this part yet. I will be useing Data mode on express.