Reformat HD now nero won't burn cd

I reformated the HD now Nero won’t burn any CD’s. It only gives the option of saving an image file to the HD( as if the cd drives did’t work). I got a zip from adaptec (aspi_471a2.exe) but it didn’t work.

Update Nero if it’s the retail version. If it’s a bundled version, did you install the right one?

rdgrimes is probably correct in that the reason your having the problem is you have installed older version of Nero that doesnt support your burner.

I know sometimes that a reformat is necessary, however this can be problematical as you will lose any updates on software and some times important files and information. To avoid this in the future make sure your C drive is a manageable size and save all other data to a separate drive, or partition at least.
I use acronis true image to make an archive backup of C to a separate drive that takes only a few minutes to reinstall windows and all my other software.
I know this is late advice for you but you will face the same problem sometime in the future and this can save you time and heartache.
Best wishes and wellcome to CDFREAKS.