Reflashing my nec nd3500a

when trying to reflash my nec nd3500ag (which i read in this site that it is the same as the nd3500a) i was getting the error “target nec nd-3500a is not found correctly” and i can go no further. i know this is due to the fact that my system sees it as an nec nd-3500ag. is there a work around for this? this is frustrating. is there a way i can reflash it with the nd3500a flash utlity or am i stuck? thanx for all the help :sad:

Download the FW that you want from this link:

Search and Download NECWinFlash. Use NECWinFlash to backup your current FW. Now instruct NECWinFlash to flash the 3500A with the newly downloaded FW. Be sure you unzip the FW first.

There is no NECWinFlash name listed on that web site. I think you mean