Reflash 115D with MCSE



I flashed my 115D with the official 1.18 firmware when it was released. Now that MCSE supports the drive I would like to reflash with this new firmware. Is this possible? I have tried to use dvrflash, but I don’t think it supports any newer pioneer drives. The official pioneer patcher says that I’m already using latest firmware. I hope I’m able to somehow force a flash.


Please use search option since this is covered a lot.

Modify flasher & firmware seperately. Sometimes you have to modify the already modified firmwares` text name.


@ zeeter,

Suggest closely reviewing the Pioneer DVD Burner Forum Read First posting titled “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( and under “Usage Flasher Modification” note comments concerning “Allow Same To Same Flashing”.



Thanks for the info guys. I’ll definitely read up on it. I actually did use the search function but wasn’t really sure what to search for. The results that I got didn’t really help me.