just noticed i have 12 referrals, is it possible to see who used my link to sign up to cdfreaks or is this not possible ?

Don’t believe you can do this yourself.
However, I looked through the backend of this forum and found a link. Of the 12 referrals to your name, 10 of them have 0 posts and one of them is bjproc1 (2 posts). Liquidmagic seems to be the only one active in your list (19 posts).

cheers tax,
one of them was me when there was logging on problems a while back.


How do you see those?

I don’t think I’d want to know, in case half of them have been banned for spamming :bigsmile:

In every users profile you can see the number of referrals you have.
As an admin I can see in the admin panel whose names belong to the referrals, regular users cannot see this information.

Oh I see now I was mixing up referals with reports on you. If you understand what I mean. LOL Don’t you just love blondes? :smiley: