Referrals system?

Hey guys,
Just a quick Q: I have seen in my public profile and some ppl’s sigs a somthing bout referrals… How does this system? Also what like do I need to put in my sig to referrals? Do we get anything out of it? :wink:


Its just how many people joined CDFreaks because you told them so, referals link just automaticly put your name down, without them having to type it.

seeing as I can post it normally (without it being converted automaticly) you can download the code HERE

So just copy/paste that into your sig

And it will show up like this:

Click HERE to join

And no, you dont get anything out of it.

Ben :slight_smile:

It is a feature, but to this forum it has no value (it won’t get you extra access rights or privileges, it is just for your own fun)

For the rest, as Ben said in the post above…

Thanks for clearing that up guys! And thanks Ben for the link :slight_smile:


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