Referral count in user profile



i even checked the FAQs on this and it said that every time someone signs up with your referral link you get a referral added to the count in your profile.

I’ve never made or given anyone a referral link, but it says i have 2 referrals in my profile.

this isn’t really a pressing issue…just curiosity…


yah, its quite easy actually… look at my sig, just add the referal # you are that of when you signed up

You can get this number by looking at the lower grey pane in IE when you place the mouse cursor over a username or avatar and then add it to a link for people to register. Not sure where it displays in Mozilla based web clients though.

here is an example of mine:

yours would be


no no…i understand how it works.

i’m saying I’ve never sent anyone a referral link before yet my profile says I have 2 referrals, and I’m wondering how that worked out.

it says I have referrals even though I’ve never referred anyone.


two people must have clicked on your name that wernt members…


I’m fairly sure that when you click a user’s name when you’re not a member, you get asked to log in.

Try logging out and doing it, I’m sure that’s what happens. So I don’t think that’s the answer.

Interesting though, since Reasons doesn’t have a referrer link in her sig, or anything. I’m curious now, too :slight_smile:

I only get my referrals in my profile because Jan70 showed me how to add one to my sig. :slight_smile:


Probably two new users wrote your name in the “Referrer” field on the registration page. :slight_smile: Clearly they think that you are their “spiritual guide” here. :bigsmile:



your right… i dont know then


That’s probably the answer :iagree: - feel proud, Reasons :bigsmile:


haha very weird.

at first i thought that we were issue dreferrals based on post count or something. like that was the number of referrals i was allowed to give. then i read the FAQ and realized i was way off base.

i did refer a stranger in real life that approached me at work, but i didn’t tell her my username hah


the cdfreaks website is more advanced than you first thought eh?