Referenced memory error question



Hi all,

Gettting closer, I have successfully ripped a DVD to my hard drive but I always get this error upon trying to open certain ones, and always upon stopping the movie:
The instruction at “ox03108106” referenced memory at “ox0000000”. The memory could not be “read” Click ok to terminate program.

What does this mean?
I am using the IBM thinkpad DVD player. (Mediamatics)


Sounds like a player software glitch. Does it do this when playing an original from disc?


No, any player download recommendation?


Not really. I use WinDVD and PowerDVD because they came free on my machine. Sorry I can’t give you more insight. If you have any other on-the-fly decrypter active on your system, e.g AnyDVD, it can cause problems. I don’t have either one any more.


Google that error number. Sometimes programs that you have been or are running do not release memory when you close them.



Sounds like you don’t have access to powerdvd…good recommendation by signals. (I must have 3-4 copies anyway, seems to come with every burner I buy… :cool: … except the oem’s)

I’d recommend vlc.
It’s free and IMO, the best darn player out there