Reference to AnyDVD on commercial DVD

I was making a copy of the movie “Memento” and noticed there were two files in the root of the DVD, autorun.exe and autorun.inf. I opened autorun.inf in Notepad just to see what is was, and in the file it said:

open = Autorun.exe
icon = Autorun.exe

Is this a reference to Slysoft AnyDVD? Does this file disable AnyDVD if it is run? I’m not going to run it, afraid it will screw something up.

@ strachan,

If you have AnyDVD configured to the default settings AnyDVD if activated will disable autorun features on Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

In this day and age it is important to have the autorun feature disabled on DVDs because there is no telling what autorun is attempting to install on your computer. There is no reason for a Commercial DVD Tile to have autorun other than to take control and display what ‘they’ want you to view and/or install on your computer. In short autorun is not required or desired.

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