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Hi folks. I have a question. A friend of mine has an HDTV. He says the speakes are terrible. I told him he would need a Receiver and some speakers to fix that. He says he is just getting by moneywise now and cannot afford to purchase that. I was wondering if he could get a couple nice sounding Computer Speakers and connect the one plug to an output on his TV. I know you can do it through an Earphone Jack, but he doesn’t have one.
Even though computer speakers have that small jack, you can but an adapter plug that you plug the computer jack into an RCA Jack. Is that possible?
Thanks, ptfitzy


Yes, you get get an adapter from 3.5mm to rca and connect what ever speakers he likes.


A good set of computer speakers with a subwoofer make for a nice budget minded sound system for an HDTV. Many computer speakers have RCA inputs in addition to smaller headphone type connectors.


Maybe it was just the not-so-optimum sound setting chosen in this case?

First play around with the HDTV sound settings.


I take it the Audio output is for output to an amplifier of some kind ?
And there is no direct output for external speakers ?
I that is the case he might look for a cheap amplifier & speaker system.
Not much more than computer speakers.
Something like one of these:

I don’t have either so I can’t say what the quality will be . But about the same price as computer speakers


The systems that cholla sent look Great! He has no Amplifier, just the TV. However, He does not have HDMI Plugs on his TV. I have a Sharp Aquos about 4 years old and it does not have HDMI Plugs. I can’t find where it says the speakers have RCA Plugs. If there Do you think they do?
Thanks, Phil


You might want to go to a retail store where you can listen to the speakers before buying them. Many of the cheap speaker systems don’t sound very good. Especially the sub woofers. IMO, you need to set the bottom of your budget to $50-$60 to find a decent 2.1 set of speakers. Also, I’ll reiterate, try to listen to the pair you plan to buy before dropping the cash on them. Most times a deal that seems “to good to be true” is “too good to be true.”


I am wondering how to connect them to the TV. Will there be one Computer Jack since they are for Computers? Or will they have one or 2 RCA Jacks.


It depends on the speaker you buy. Some have 3.5mm, RCA and/or S/PDIF inputs. Nearly all of them will have 3.5mm inputs. Use the cable below to connect RCA output from the HDTV to the 3.5mm input of the speakers.


Heres another link to the cheap speakers/Amp :
It has a little more information.
This is the input for them: Input Plug: Mini 3.5ΦStereo Plug

I agree with UTR the more you pay to a point the better speakers you get.

Still for now if your friend’s budget is really tight . It’s hard to beat $19.99 with
FREE Super Saver Shipping if he can find another $5.00 of qualified merchandise.
Maybe an adapter like UTR posted.
If it only sounds some better that might be OK for now.


Thank You so much. I sure appreciate it.


@ ptfitzy , Please let us here at myce know what your friend decides to use & if it worked well.
I checked Amazon for an adapter cable like UTR posted & they have one that qualifies for their
FREE Super Saver Shipping . It is only $3.69 so the total would still be a little less than the
minimum $25.00 needed but now only another small item would be needed.


I sure will. Thanks for your help.