Ref. Cd burning speed

For example: I buy a cd on the market,and i want to view Burning speed which they are use:4x,8x,24x or other.

How is possibile to view what speed are using and which program(soft).

 Thank you in advance.:confused:

If you have a LiteOn drive, you can use the SMARTBURN utility:

(from the LiteOn utility download page


No,I have Teac CD-W524E.
Thank you for your prompt answer.

i thought that the smart-burn utility could be used in conjunction with any burner and only requires that the ATIP be read.

Thank you for your recomandation

but my problem is other,I buy on the market a Cd with movie or games or data,and I want to view cd speed burn they are use for burn this CD.

those types of cds aren’t burned, they’re pressed.