Reducing The Size Of MP3 Files

I have an MP3 file which lasts for 120 minutes. Is it possible for me to reduce the size of this file on Nero so it will fit on two audio CD’s.

What exactly is your query.

A 120 mins MP3 file will easily fit on 2 ACDs.

A CD-R can hold either 74 or 80 mins.

For a second I thought you were talking about the MP3 quality…like reducing from 256 bit to 128 bit.

But if you are burning in Audio CDs, there’s no problem on that.
Only make sure you don’t burn the first CD all the way up. Some players don’t like the 80 minute CDs or higher…go standard on them.

If you wan’t to reduce it’s content I suggest you to try Cool Edit. WIth it you can easily remove any unwanted stuff from the file then reducing it…yet it’s going to be hard to go down to 74-80 minutes from there :bigsmile:

I know a cute program with batch conversion mode, reduces up to 80 %.
It has predefined conversion modes, which helps you to decide how much to reduce the size.

Also converts wav files to reduced MP3 files.


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