Reducing copying/writing dvd times. Help, please?

Hi, I have an LG-GSA-E60L Super Multi DVD±RW USB 2.0 External Drive.


And, I am such a newbie, that the other forums haven’t helped me because I don’t quite understand all of it.

I’m trying to copy some of my dvds. I’m using this burner with the most updated firmware. My disks are 16X. It is taking me about 2 hours to burn a dvd. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong or what I have to adjust. I’ve turned off my firewall protection, anti-virus programs, and I’ve unchecked all my visual settings, too. My IDE controllers are set correctly on DME (is that what they were called? Whatever it is, I’ve checked that and they’re set on enabled).

The copying time isn’t too bad-- maybe about 20 minutes or a little longer. But, the writing time is excruciatingly long. . . .up to 1.5-2 hours.

Someone wrote something about BIOS and how he had to check his to make sure it was set as AUTO. I don’t know how to do this, so I haven’t checked that.

Also, someone in another thread asked something about master/slave. I have no idea what this is either (well, related to computers and controllers, etc.). . . so I don’t know how to check this out.

Please help. This is so incredibly slow, I don’t know what I should do.

Thanks, in advance!

What “burning tool” do you use?
With copying time you probably mean ripping time, dependent on the source (pressed DVD with copy protection or not).
IF the source is a DVD9 and you burn onto DVD5 (4,7GB DVDs), then your “burning time” is transcoding time (DVD9 > DVD5) and burning time combined…

Well, I’m using several now, because I thought maybe my software might be the issue. I’ve used Nero but don’t like it. So, I have dvdFAB5 and downloaded the free trials to www.CLONEDVD.NET and Clone DVD 2.

I was copying dvd9s to dvd5s-- you’re right. But, still, I didn’t think it should take over 2 hours! After I switched the hubs, it sped up remarkably. Also, right now, I’m burning a dvd9 to a dvd9 and it’s not quite as fast, but I think that’s because the discs I bought are 8X.