Reduced to babbling frustration with my AD-7261S



Last night I went to burn a Windows7 installation disc from one of the digital river downloads… I’ve got a customer computer on the bench with a case of forgotten password syndrome… and my 7261S would not recognize the blank media I inserted… blank media from about a 1/3 full spindle pack of Sony Branded discs that had been used in THIS burner…

First I ruled out the dreaded “upper & Lower filter” (registry issue)
which has invariably ended in a format and complete reinstall of Windows, by determining that the computer would still work with my USB portable optical drive… one demon ruled out…

After screwing around with “Windows FixIt”, system restore, uninstalling and re-installing my burner software, I finally swapped in an LG WH10LS30 (BD-RW drive) that I had sitting on the shelf…

That involved another un-install/re-install of my burner software.

But I was finally able to burn the installer disc I needed… in the LG

After “playing around” I have determined that the AD-7261S drive no longer recognizes any kind of DVD media…

This drive partially burned one disc in the middle of my early attempts to diagnose the issue, so I’m not really sure it’s really dead
(I have yet to try it in another computer)

Anyone else have problems with one of these drives?


About how long have you had the drive? How often do you use the drive (is it your workhorse, or do you use it only rarely)?

Does the drive still deal with CD media? Have you tried to clean the drive?