Reduced Speed in ripping audio CDs

Over the past several years and using many different new computers containing a variety of DVD burners, I have noticed a consistent, and annoying pattern to ripping music and spoken word CDs. Each new computer starts off ripping CDs at up to 40x speed (this is good). However after a short time, this speed goes to between 7x and 11x, and will not speed up at all.

The problem is not related to which program I use - Audiograbber for spoken word, and ITunes for music. The slow-down is consistent over time, and happens on a variety of computers using a variety of drives.

Also note that the problem is not related to the quality of the CDs themselves. I do sometimes get a disk that does copy slowly, or sometimes a track will not copy at all - but this is an exception. The rule is that all of my computers slow down during the ripping process at some point, and I would really like to know why, so I can fix whatever is “wrong”.

Your thoughts, please?

Sounds like the very common problem where Windows automatically and permanently drops DMA speed down to PIO when encountering multiple read-errors on optical media.

I suggest you read this thread:

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and also this article:

DMA reverts to PIO

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That PIO / DMA reset did the trick.