Reduce the video dimensions or bitrate?

Would someone help me out plz? I dont know what I should do with this file. The video is 720x480, 780kbps video, and 128kbps audio. The file size is about a 150MB too large for a CD. I want to reduce teh file size and I’m thinking there are only two ways, to increase the compression or reduce the video size right?

Now I’m guessing that a bitrate lower than 780kbps isnt so good, so I should just reduce the dimensions. if I want to reduce the video’s size, what size should I choose? what is the next “standard” video size smaller than 720x480?

Are we talking about an AVI or MPEG or what ?

Does your burner suport 99min CDR’s ? Thats the easiest solution.

umm no I dont think it supports it… my CDs are all 700MB and that’s the max I can go with. It’s an avi btw

Okay, then load it into VirtualDUB(Mod), for video compression select DivX (I assume you have ver5.x divx codec installed), set Bitrate to what you calculate to fit to a 700meg CD and then Save AVI. Soon you will have a new smaller avi.

ok, will do! :):slight_smile:

one question though. Why do my calculations come out wrong? bare with me because this is the first time I’m trying to calculate something like this:D. I’m just opening a random video file and this is the information that I have on the file:
video bitrate: 630kbps
audio bitrate: 128kpbs
duration: 2:07:14 (7634 seconds)

so wouldnt file size be 7634 * (128+630) = 5786572kilo bits=706.36MB???
it turns out that the real file size is 695.45MB. I get a few megabytes off for every file that I try. What am I doing wrong? :confused:

Following ChickenMan’s advice is a bad idea, you’ll end up getting awful quality not to mention spyware if you’re using DivX 5.X unless you cracked it etc.
Looking at the size and bitrate your source has to look like shit more or less unless there’s like no motion at all so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run. I’d suggest that you use Direct Stream Copy and butcher it (removes data without recompressing) or look around for another source/encode.

Why not just split video into two cd-r’s? That would be easier and faster than re-encoding

thanks everyone… I managed to fit it in a CD by just cutting the credits and a little of the begining:Dumm ahem ahem and by changing the audio codec

but about my calculations, can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong? see 2 posts above ^

Glad your got it sorted out. Using simple calulations like what you did give you a rough figure, it doesnt tak into acount the variable bitrate nature of the movie as bits are not spred evenly across the file. Bring the average figure down and the file size does not always follow by the same %.