Reduce the size of an iso



Does anyone know a quick and easy to use program that would allow me to reduce the size of an iso file from 4,84 gig to fit on a 4,7 gig DVD? It’s just a back up that I’d like to be able to put on a SL dvd, I don’t want to waste a DL if I don’t have to.


assuming its a video dvd and not data , i think you can mount the iso on a virtual drive (with magicdisc/daemon tools for example) and use ripit4me or dvddecrypter to get rid of the parts you dont need …


Should have specified. No, it’s not a movie file, it’s a game that I backed up a while ago, I just want to burn it on a dvd now.


When you try to burn it to a SL disc does it say it won’t fit.

Most ISO’s when created appear larger than the disk they came from but will still burn back fine.


Womble had a very good point there , have yout tried burnning it as image or as a plain data dvd?..


Just try test writing it to see if there are errors.