Reduce Nero Write Speed

I am using Nero 6, but also have Nero 8 with Aopen DUW1608/12x burner and Nexxtech DVD+R/DL 8x media. This is the first time I have tried dual layer burning and am getting nowhere. Every time I start the write process, I get an “unspecified recorder error”. It happens regardless of the amount of data being written, whether it requires DL disc or not. Standard 4.7 GB discs still burn fine. The media is labeled as 8x. To my knowledge, my burner is only capable of burning DL media at 2.4x. When starting the write process, Nero automatically picks 4x as write speed and I cannot change it. Is there a true media compatibility issue, or just a write speed problem? Is there anyway I can slow Nero down to 2.4x? Any help greatly appreciated.

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There are two main possibilities for this issue:

It is also possible that both factors are acting at the same time. In fact, Nexxtech are not good quality discs. I suggest to try with a Verbatim disc (at the moment the very best available in the market)

thanks for your input. I have updated drive firmware to latest, but is still two years old. I guess not supported anymore. The media does not seem to work at less than 4x speed from what I can gather from disc info and other forums. I even tried Imgburn to write it and got nowhere. I guess I need new discs, or probably a newer drive.

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Probably the better option is to get a new drive, but also quality discs are important: no drive can write good a bad quality media.