Reduce cd seek?


I have the Smasung SH-S203N DVD Burner and I am happy with it. One annoyance, however, is it starts up and seeks the current CD that is loaded when I don’t need it to. For example, when I am working in Windows Explorer or when I scroll by a menu that includes the drive’s letter (ie the send to menu when you right click a file). This problem goes away when I remove the disc from the drive but I would like to leave it in there without this annoyance. Anyone know how to reduce how often the drive seeks the disc?

im not really sure if this will help but i’ll try.
go to my computer and right click on your cd drive.
then click on the autoplay tab.
then on the dropdown list select whatever kind of cd you want to deal wit.
then click select an action to perform.
then on take no action.
this’ll make it so it doesnt do anything by itself when u put the cd in.
this is all under the assumption ur using xp, it might be the same on vista too.

What is simpler than removing the disc when not needed??