Redirecting sound to specific outputs



I’m running Windows Vista Ultimate and I have my extra sound ports on my front panel running off of my Asus P5N-D via the HD Audio connection.

This is my first time setting up a computer for home theater use so I’m very new. I already have my 9800 GX2 hooked up to my TV via HDMI came running at 1080 and DVI to my monitor at 1280.

I usually run games on my TV while I have my internet browser running on my monitor. I wanted to be able to run the game audio through my headset while I have whatever is on firefox playing through my 5.1 setup. The only way I’ve been able to do this, is to load up the firefox with my auxiliary input from my receiver into the back plugged in first, then plug in my headset and then open up the game. I still get the sound from firefox in my headset, but at least the 5.1 is free of the game sound.

I was wondering if there were any options in vista, or maybe another application where I can redirect the audio on the fly.


A second sound card? :slight_smile:


Thankfully a second sound card wasn’t what I needed. Turns out, whichever port is set as my default sound device at the time I open the application will be the destination for all sound from that application.