Is redhat actually freeware? i dont plan on using it, but came across their website, and it said you have to pay for it, but i wasnt clear if that was just for customer support, as they had a link to the ftp files.

Red Hat is not free anymore there used to be two version the free one and the enterprise version. They sort of split it up and Red Hat concentrated on its’ enterprise version with Fedora taking over for the free version. It is often considered that Fedora is the testing ground for stuff that will eventually appear in the enterprise edition.

Hmm… but i thought the terms of modifying linux was that you kept it free…

The linux kernel is free, but quite a bit of the software that runs on it is not. Nero for Linux, for example, is not free.

The difference between Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora explained Here

You’re not the only one, a lot of people do. As ftp has said the kernal is free after that it is upto the people who build the distro around it to decide if they want to keep it completely free or have a paid for version, for which you will get a boxed set with discs, manuals and support.

Even the paid for packages are cheaper then a Windows OS and generally come with everything you need to get your PC up and running.