Redhat 9 and vsftpd


I setup vsftpd and when an FTP user logs in, they are taken directly to thier home directory and cannot access others home directories. However they can access the root of the drive… the \ and all the other directories… they can read but not modify files… WTF is going on… what did I miss…

Well I don’t have any experience with this FTP server, but I somehow exepect this to be a flaw in some configuration file, as FTP supports all kinds of settings to lock clients in a directory, give them read-only rights etc etc…

Did you check the manaul pages of the ftp server (I suppose it comes with those)?

If you really can’t figure it out, you might want to try Webmin. Webmin is a webbased configuration panel of Unix (and this Linux) systems. I don’t know if there’s a module for vsftpd, but it’s worth the try. Otherwhise, just switch to proftpd :slight_smile:

Webmin can be downloaded from here for free!


I looked at vsftp.conf and added

that solved it…