RedFox announces product prices

Passkey gave away free lifetime serials 6 months ago, i got one of those, the key is the same for everyone that requested the free registration btw and can still be used. Much cheaper than buying this :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice to know, but who can guarantee that the same people who shut down Slysoft will not do the same to RedFox?ร‚
I think that they should renew, accordingly,ร‚ all valid Slysoft customers with no charge.ร‚ For new customers itโ€™s different.ร‚ After all itโ€™s the same software by the same people.ร‚ The only thing that changed is the mane Slysoft to RedFox.ร‚ Why pay again?

This just goes to show how futile it is to try to stop people from making DRM decryption software. Whack one mole, and another comes back up. They killed SlySoft, but for what? RedFox is obviously ready and willing to pick up where SlySoft left off, forcing Hollywood to start figuring out how to start whacking the mole all over again.