Redfox adds support for leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Keys in AnyDVD HD beta

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Redfox, the developers of AnyDVD HD, have added the possibility to use the leaked AACS 2.0 Volume Keys with their software. By supplying a file with a list of the keys to the software, it is able to decrypt Ultra HD Blu-ray discs of which the AACS 2.0 keys have been leaked on the internet.…

Hello all, would somebody please post what should be included format wise in the C:\user\xx\AnyDVDHD\UHDkeys.txt file. I’m not have much luck
Thank you

DeUHD Support ListKey ExistsTitleRegionUPC.txt (44.2 KB)

You’re using the wrong list…google ’ KEYDB.cfg doom9 '…:givewink:

Thank you.

Asus BW-16D1HT 3.01
Like someone mentioned, on sale at Newegg $59.88 with $25.00 rebate. Some folks had had trouble getting the rebate. Follow the rebate instructions verbatim…
Thanks again

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Too bad us Europeans can’t get such great deals here !:frown:
But nevertheless I’m glad I’m already covered by owning 2 BH16NS55 drives…:tongueout: