backed up main move with Express - played fine. However I noticed some faint vertical bars at times, especially darker scenes. Best way to describe is was almost like a interference issue if watching TV…but otherwise picture sharp as usual. Other backups have never, and still don’t display this. Wasn’t terrible, but defintely strange, and I think quality ratio was pretty high…was wondering if another layer of protection that maybe Express ( at time) partially disabled…Anyone else notice this with a compressed backup?

Did the same…express - main movie - no playback issues at all. I didn’t notice any vertical bars. I hope I would have noticed, I’m old, but not “that old”…lol. I’m not certain but I think the compression was almost non-existent on the main movie option… I’ll take another look.

Pretty good flick, btw.

Same , Express , main movie , didn’t notice anything either,

Do a burn at 4X see what you get

Always burn at slowest, which I guess is 4x…maybe just the disc, thanks for the feedback- and Tom I think you are right, very little compression on this title…

Sometime those faint vertical bars are a video card issue, I am not saying this is your problem but try playing it on another device.

I wondered…maybe your first and (hopefully) only bad disc out of the 200. I just ordered another 200 myself…you just can’t beat these TYs, esp. for the price and free shipping too… :clap:

Tom, maybe a questionable TY, but who knows?.. but I stand by at this point, and another 100 to go! As far as other post re video card, NA, this was on standalone player - but thanks for input!