Reddit closes piracy related subreddits

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Reddit has closed several subreddits, such as /r/FullMoviesOnAnything and /r/TVShowsOnAnything, for encouragement of piracy. The subreddits are closed and can’t be visited anymore. Users receive a notification stating the subreddit has been banned.

Reddit is doing the same blatant, agenda driven censorship that Twitter, Fakebook, Youtube, Google, Paypal etc. are doing. They are all attacking free speech under the guise of political correctness.


It’s called you agreed to the EULA.

These companies are not supposed to be operating as publishers. To maintain their legal protections against liability for the content their users present they have to be neutral and not censor for political reasons. These companies are controlling content and acting as publishers. They also are not being transparent with how they are determining who gets censored. Class action suits are forming and some have been filed already. The federal government and numerous states are targeting them. Once they are forced to show the makeup of their algorithms they will be exposed.

They are acting out of desperation right now and censoring conservatives in the hopes of effecting the outcome of the November elections in the USA. Republicans control the Executive Branch (i.e. law enforcement) and will likely do so until 2024. They are not going to let this go unchallenged and are setting up anti-trust lawsuits as I type this. The problem for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal etc. is it will not be hard to prove they partook in a coordinated effort to censor individuals and organizations for political reasons. Once the lawsuits start flying with depositions and discovery taking place they will not longer be able to hide their bias thus exposing them to severe liability. I won’t even get int the privacy issues they face.

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Problem is there are there whether or not we like them to be there. If people don’t want to expose their hidden stuff then my advice is don’t put it online for everyone to find instead put useless stuff on there for brainless wonders to read a whole lot of nothing.

The problem is the monopolistic position many of these companies maintain require many to use their services. At some point in the near future the way they operate will be made much more transparent. They have outright lied to their users regarding the information they collect and how they use it. Also, most everyone they have terminated and censored never get an explanation for why they were punished. Many others are shadow banned without being told this is occurring. Imagine you were a content creator spending money to make this content thinking you are being promoted like others on the platform. Then you determine you have been shadow banned or demonetized without justification. EULA, or not, companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. have liability exposure if they are treating users differently and not disclosing that they are doing it. If these companies want to censor based on political affiliation then they need to make this public. This way people can make sound decisions prior to committing time, effort and money thinking they are using a platform that is not secretly penalizing them and/or stunting their ability to be profitable.

What on Earth does this political garbage have to do with piracy or even the discussion of it? ZERO. Maybe Reddit doesn’t want to get sued by these powerful corporations whose lawyers can make them disappear off the web for good because of certain subject matter on their site being posted regularly, such as obtaining pirated content for instance. Entire websites have been taken offline forever or seized because of that with their owners even ending up in jail.

It all revolves around politics. Facebook, Google, Twitter etc. all admit they severely tilt to the left. This shows up in the way they run their algorithms. Now financial entities like Mastercard and Paypal are denying their services to conservative leaning people and companies. Here is a great example of what I am talking about… Whether you love him or hate him, Alex Jones was banned from multiple platforms within 24 hours. It was a coordinated move by Facebook, Apple, Google (Youtube) and then followed up by Twitter. Then Paypal stopped their services to him. This was done for political reasons. He is the most high profile person to have this done to them. Many, many more have gotten the same treatment. Twitter recently banned James Woods (actor) for a tweet posting a meme regarding Hillary Clinton he did back in June or July.

If these companies think they can censor half the US population (i.e. conservatives) without serious blowback then they are in for a very rude awakening. Once they are done with conservatives it won’t stop there. It never does. They will censor anyone that threatens their stranglehold monopolies. What is going on here is serious and people on all sides should be paying attention and fighting back.

Politics in itself is an entirely different issue though and is way off topic from Reddit protecting their asses from copyright holders.

Those platforms are owned by private corporations so they can set whatever rules they want, just like this forum can do as long as it’s not illegal under the law. One forum I go to, even banned politics entirely because it got so heated and started tearing up the community. They now have a resource thread to help those get involved instead of arguing about it on a forum. If they were US government owned platforms they have to let the voices of extreme conservatives be on their platform alongside extreme liberals. Unless someone pushes for and gets a law passed or a court rules against current practices on privately owned websites it’ll stay that way. I don’t know if you seen criticism from those on the left accusing these same platforms of being too right leaning?

I honestly think people like Alex Jones are simply nutcases. I cannot comment on the James Woods thing though as it was a bit strange to hear about.

If it’s something you feel strongly about, how about writing your congressman?

With Reddit, don’t go by what they say. Go by what they do. Look at who they are banning and it will tell you the true story.

Even though these platforms are private they still have liability if they are treating users with differing standards. The user agreements are for all users and it is easy to prove that some are being treated differently than others. A few lawsuits with discovery occurring will likely show this.

I personally don’t want government any further into the Internet. I would like to see these companies lose their liability protections by classifying them as publishers. This way users know what they are and can act accordingly. Also, if these companies want to censor users and control content they can be liable for what they publish.

Regarding Alex Jones, if crazy is all that is required for someone to be scrubbed from the Internet then it will be a boring, lonely place. By this standard, many posting here would get the same treatment, including me, because this site has had some crazy threads over the years. This is especially disturbing when financial companies like Paypal and Mastercard ban people over political views. Where does this end?

I have expressed my concerns to politicians regarding the mass censorship. The US Department of Justice is focusing on this as are many states. These things take time but hopefully results will ensue. IMO, it is time to break up some of these companies as they have monopolies and are colluding with each other illegally to increase their collective power. They have lied to the public, their users and shareholders.

Google is working with China to build a search engine that will allow the government to spy on the Chinese people to an Orwellian degree. It will likely result in the death of untold numbers of people. I see this collaboration as a threat to the national security of every country. The time has come to reign these companies in before they do damage to society that will be impossible to overcome.