Redbox vs Blockbuster Express rental kiosk showdown continues

Redbox vs Blockbuster Express rental kiosk showdown continues.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The kiosk rental service is an extremely competitive market that has seen Redbox rise to the top, with Blockbuster and several other competitors working their way into the market.

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I have used Redbox since they first came out and loved it. A few months ago we got a Blockbuster Kiosk in our town and at least at first liked it a lot more than Redbox they got movies the day they came out and of course thanks to their deals didn’t have to wait 28 days. Though that has changed now the Kiosk is always breaking down constantly display out of order or won’t read credit cards. I reserve something online go to pick it up and then it is out of order and I still get charged for it even when using a promo code what BS is that. When I call customer support I get support from India it sounds like even when I try to pick up my movie way before the time I have to they always give me a run around that I should’ve called them sooner and they could’ve fixed it so I didn’t get charged for it. I always have to speak to a manager to get it fixed and get credited back for the charge then it starts again when they give me another promo code for their mistake.

Because of all the problems I have sworn off Blockbuster Kiosk completely and will stick to just Redbox now.

We had a DVD rental kiosk at our gas/petrol station for about a week. Not seen one since. UK here.