Redbox to delay Fox and Universal new release rentals



I just posted the article Redbox to delay Fox and Universal new release rentals.

Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios have reached a movie distribution agreement with Redbox in which the rental kiosk will wait 28 days before offering new releases.

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Ummm, yeah… sure buddy… a “win” for consumers… UNIVERSAL is the one who started boycotting Redbox. This is no win for consumers, it’s a continued loss. Screw you Universal.


It’s not like we’re not gonna wait and buy their dvd’s…or get raped by a Blockbuster dvd rental…Once again, Hollywood is lost and I have no sympathy for the losers that run Hollywood…


Point blank I’ll wait the 28 days and Fox still looses out because I won’t pay their prices for DvDs.


I can’t wait and really don’t care. I need certain releases when released to help DVD neXt COPY and other software vendors. I see the logic and can understand why. Wait if you want.