Redbox quietly testing video game rentals



I just posted the article Redbox quietly testing video game rentals.

No. 1 rental kiosk Redbox plans to test video game rentals alongside its well-established DVD rental business in grocery stores, malls, and other locations across the United States.

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This is a joke. The headline is QUIETLY. Everytime Redbox gets in a little trouble (Like recently with their stock plunging $15) they send this story out. Anytime you heard a story about the studio delays and the workarounds they released this story. They have been experimenting with game rentals for 2 years now and you know what it isn’t working or it would be in all the kiosk. The kiosk they have it in theres like 3 titles of games. This is just the ploy redbox uses to try and drive their stock back up. Usually it is Mr. Eric Wold releasing this story.


Hmm interesting, found a few other articles referring to Redbox testing videogame rentals in 2009, so it seems that you are at least partially correct there Josh2334476.

I also read that Redbox may pursue separate kiosks for game rentals, which makes sense, since each kiosk can only hold a bit over 500 discs from what Redbox has officially stated.