Red streaking on picture

I have a Sony (crt) widescreen TV with a vcr+ DVD/HDD recorder + set top digibox. They are connected via a set of daisy-chained SCART connectors with the DVD recorder the final stage connecting to the AV1 input on the TV.

This set up has worked fine for some long time and in regular use but suddenly the picture from any source routed via the DVD/HDD recorder has been severely marred by red streaks following any white object. This applies to incoming TV programmes, playing DVDs, recordings on the HDD. However TV programmes from the set-top digibox, coming through the same route, are OK.

After some experimentation I found that connecting to the TV’s AV2 connector instead of AV1 cures the fault.

While I now have a working set-up I wonder if anybody can suggest what went wrong and why - and maybe a permanent cure to AV1,

Sounds like a hardware. What went wrong is anyones guess. The only cure would be to have it serviced.

At the moment the fix I adopted, (using another AV connector on the TV - which is where I suspect the fault occurred) works and is less expensive than servicing. If somebody comes up with a more detailed suggestion I might then investigate myself - I have some electronics experience having working in the industry all my working life.