Red Screen problem



hey, been having a concection problem with a dvd player and new TV. Searched the internet for what it might be and have come up empty. Hoping someone here might have insight to this.

I am trying to conncect YPbPr from an old DVD player (about 6 years old) and a new Samsung DLP TV. I have matched the colors correctly and even tried different combos, and even another set of cables but each time all I get is a red screen, I mean I can see the DVD playing but it is all in red. Might this be a compatibility problem? The DVD player and TV works fine with S Video, but I want it set up with component video, you know. I have seen this problem before a few months ago but thought nothing of it. Here is some more info from a page, from a guy who has had the exact same problem (it is from a few years back however) but dosn’t really pinpoint a soulution.

any help/info would be much appreciated!


any thoughts other than a new DVD player?


are u sure your cables are good?


yes positive. I tried two different sets. I am going to try out a different DVD player and see what happens.