Red ray fights Blue ray in DVD disarray

A CONSORTIUM OF Taiwanese vendors are proposing another optical storage format which is set to muddy the already unclear waters for future high definition high capacity drives. According to today’s Economic News, government quango the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is backing a plot backed by U-Tecg Media, CMC Magnetics, Benq and other LCD manufacturers for the forward versatile disk (FDV). The main advantage if such a format is adopted is that the vendors won’t be forced to follow the rest of the industry and pay royalties to the industry giants, it seems.

I’m not agree with this article; if DVD has a 5Gb capacity and an FVD 6GB, just WHY they think i’ll buy an FVD player?

It’s too boring to do a backup with 5Gb discs, and one Gb more will not change anything.

I don’t think that this format will be a success, at least here in Europe.

It’s the Greater China joining the Great Standard War. So far, not much part of the Greater China supports FVD and it’s the Chinese manufacturers that produce most of the current DVD players and DVD burners.