Red light inside SHM-165H6S VHS0E

Hi peolpe,
Today I interrupt a FULL ERASE DVD task (with NERO 6.6), restarting Windows (no reset). And when Windows back, my drive do not read any disc.


I interrupt task, because the erase was in a very high (and abnormal) rotation.

OK, then I do somethings to change the new drive state.

  1. REMOVE/UNINSTALL drive from Windows (reboot).
  2. Apply the firmware update again (HS0E)
  3. Use the EEPROM Util (3.7.2) to a. backup b. reset learnt c. reset HT d. restore e. repair checksum f. upgrade drive (to 160)
  4. Contact the LITEON IT techsup online, and it says to me that “if the red light still on, nothing more can be done”
  5. Disable/Unable SMARTBURN and other by SmartBurn Media Check
  6. Change drive’s jumper sett
  7. Turn on the drive only with power cable
  8. Boot a Live CD OS, UBCD, etc. (my BIOS is boot seq ok)
  9. Clear the laser canon
  10. Turn on the drive without some internal flat cable off

Yes, my BIOS see the drive OK.
No, when I put any disc, nothing happens

Please, somebody help me at this hard time!
The drive is imported from USA, with more than a one year of (caryfull) use

Which Windows are you using?

If you open the disc tray, you’ll see a red LED in there, but that’s for the LightScribe function, which is totally normal. Not sure which “red light” LO support is (mis)informing you about.

Hi, thanks for posting!

My Windows is a XP SP2.

“Unfortunately, if the light stays on and is not working properly, there is not much to do.” (transcripted chat about the red light inside drive)

Have you tried another 80-conductor IDE cable? If you have another IDE channel, may be you can try that one. Well, any LightScribe drive will have that red LED on all the time, so I don’t think that’s the problem. Perhaps LO support is referring to the main LED on the faceplate.


Try to burn a LightScribe disc.
No idea what causing your problem though.

Thank you all for your replies and help. My problem still without answers, but it seems that the drive motor is burned.


I tried to record a LightScribe disc but without success.

Someone may call to LO support and ask how do I proceed to make the switch or repairs outside the warranty?

LO PHONE: 510-824-0088 (US)
S/N: 213608409120

My e-mail is and my cell number is +55 22-8822-9500.

Thank you!