Red LED Inside BenQ DW1655 Always On




I just noticed a red LED inside my BenQ DW1655 and was wondering what it is good for and if it’s normal that it’s on even when the tray is open.

Here is a picture of it:



That’s part of LightScribe hardware. Linky



It’s normal, it’s for reading the barcode on lightscribe discs.


But wouldn’t it be more useful to light it when the tray closes and only for recognizing the disc?


It is cheaper and easier to integrate for the manufacturer in an already working non Lightscribe design this way.


What about the MTBF of the LS circuit?


The published MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) for your basic LED is WAY beyond the MTTF of a DW1655. MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) won’t matter because once anything in this drive fails it will be cheaper to replace than repair. It does add to the LED pollution in your house. Seriously, with the number of LEDs and instant on appliances in the typical home, the 10mA here and there add up to several hundred watts of baseline power consumption. Wasteful Americans! (tic) I have two power settings on my PC: always on for DVD mastering and hibernate-after-10-minutes for when I’m not burning.