Red Flashes when watching burned DVD?

Ok…first off…sorry if this is answered somewhere else, i could not find anything on this.

Ok…i’ve asked this question before, and was told it was my media quality more than likely. This was not the case i guess…so i have used sony DVD’s, Verbatim’s, Maxell’s, And taiyo yuden (not sure these arn’t fakes though).

Anyway, no matter what media i use, or how slow/fast i burn. I keep getting these “red flashes”. It actually looks like when you saturate your TV. Sliding the color meter all the way to the red side or something. So its not a solid red screen…its just a sharp change in the hue of the picture. Is Any Dvd, or CloneDVD2 trying to correct for something and causing this “flash”?

You’ll say media again i’m sure, but back in the days of DVD Shrink and DVD4 i never had these problems. I had piss-poor quality compared to what i have now, but no red flashes.

I alos have used two different DVD burnes…and HP, which recently died, and now an LG GSA-E10L. Both have given me these red flashes when using Anydvd and CloneDVD2.


could it be your dvd player?
have you tried these disc’s in another player to rule that out.

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