Red Book audio CD burning



Hello everyone, I’m new!
First of all, I’m sorry if this should have been posted in the Audio forum.

Now, this is my question. I’d like to be able to burn audio files to a CD. Doing this normally (with Windows) makes the CD play in some of the newer CD players, however it doesn’t play in some older CD players. What program can I use burn an audio CD which will play in all CD players?




Also burn slow, I recommend 8x or 16x.


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First of all you should use good quality discs and burn them at a slower speed than the maximum to reduce jitter and make them more compatible. I usually burn mine at x24 and have excellent results. Even so some old cd players may not like the disc’s you are using, particularly if they are rewritable’s.


Thanks for that, I downloaded BURRRN and tried burning a CD, however it still wouldn’t play properly on my old CD player. Does the file have to be a specific format?


What make and model is your player?

I have 2 home CD players that refuse to play anything but original discs, this is because the laser optics were designed before CD-R discs came out and the slightly lower reflectivity on the CD-R’s is just to low for them, the players wont even recognise a disc is in the tray with CD-RW discs.


Hi Ballons,
It sounds like I have the same problem. I am trying to put my vinyls onto cd to play on a Sony Dav s300 surround sound system. It plays almost any dvd I throw at it, Dvd r/rw/dl but Not any cd-r/rw. You said that after using BURRRN they would not play properly ,Do they play at all?? I will try Burrrn and let you know how I get on.


It depends to your old CD player and the platform you have burnt your CD. The MP3 or MP4 platform will not play in older players if they are not capable to play these formats. Therefore, if you use simple and common format burning then you will be able to make it work in any CD player.


I am not talking about mp3/4. I am trying to burn cda. Sony won’t/can’t help . they just say it is not designed for cr-r/rw.I have just tried brrrn onto a cd-rw and no luck but I will try a range of cd-rs again


If it is as you say that “Sony won’t/can’t help . they just say it is not designed for cr-r/rw” you should believe them and not waist blank discs.
I recall, when I bought my first DVD home player I looked around to find the ones compatible with CD-r(w)/DVD-r(w)+r(w) and by the time the Sonys were out of the list and I guess the same apply to CD players.


Sony were the worst for supporting R and RW (both DVD and CD). My home Sony DVD player will only just play R DVD’s, it wont even touch R CD’s or any RW discs. My hi-fi CD player wont touch anything recorded and just sits there with a disc read error showing. My old in-car CD player will not play anything except original discs either.

My panasonic DVD player (same age as the Sony DVD) plays whatever I throw at it, including DVD-RW discs and CD-RW discs.


Balloons,I have found a part solution to my problem.I have just been sent a dvd which was made using "Audio dvd creator " and contains audio from cds, mp3 files etc and plays on my Sony dvd player perfectly.I will probably try it for myself.


Some older CD players strictly adhere to the [B]Red Book[/B] audio format, which was based on 74 minutes CDs (650 MB) and not 80 minutes CDs (700 MB).


Nemesys,A good thought!!Where can you get 650mb cd-r’s today?? Everyone has gone to 700mb or even bigger.There were some 650mb in Aldi a while ago so maybe I can contact them. I will try.